Friday, August 21, 2009

New Mexico with family

These are a few pics with the Alavarado family of our trip up to the Catwalk in NM during our last visit on the first week of August.

Payson with Family

Here's some pics of us when we (my sister, nephew, my son, and I) took a drive up to Payson a few months ago. We went to the Tonto Natural Bridge, and also went to a local park which turned out to be quite the hidden treasure.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Years

We had friends and family over for New Year's and had a relaxing time. Ate a little...drank a little...and played A LOT!!!

Dad and sister
(just polished off some menudo...yummy)

Michael's goofy face
little werito chowing on some 7-layer bean dip
my beautiful niece
more familia
Mi amiga caught off guard
que pretty
cousins (in deep thought)


I am sure you all have heard of Rockband, right? Well I just recently learned about it. My son got it for his Christmas present...and we love it. Throughout the holidays we have had plenty of friends and family visiting and have all had the opportunity to enjoy it.

Marco putting the game together...

Cousins joining in on the fun

I have gotten pretty good at the drums, but have not mastered the guitar. And I love to get my hands on the microphone...that is when my son let's me. So come on over and join us for a mini concert anytime. :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For Thanksgiving we had lots of company...some from out of town, and some local friends. It was a great time of fun, food, and fellowship. I felt very blessed to be honored with my guests. The preparation began on Wednesday. Everyone was good about chipping in and doing their part. Tita and kids.

Here's all the kids being goofy.

Michael had a little too much to eat...was in desperate need of a nap.

La Familia

My dad came to visit last week from out of state. His presence was very much enjoyed by all of us. My sister and her kids came on Sunday afternoon, and we had an awesome had been a while since we'd all had an opportunity to get was very nice and special.His grandchildren were especially happy to see him and spend time with him. The only one missing is the great-grandson, Willy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hatch Chile - straight from Hatch NM

Mis amigos los gringos have company this weekend. Wero loco's parents The Klugs came to visit from Nuevo (Las Cruces, NM). I'll have to explain the "Nuevo" some other day. Anyhow, before their trip to Arizona, they went to the Chile Festival in Hatch, NM and bought a huge burlap bag with about 20 lbs of green chiles to bring to los weros here in Phoenix. We thought we could go to one of the local grocery stores selling roasted chiles and have them roast the chiles for us, but unfortunately were turned down. Therefore, we were left with no other option but to roast the chiles ourselves, and with so many helping hands around we knew it'd be a piece of cake. :0) The Klugs were in charge of roasting on the grill outside, Mr Haney (Erin's Dad) was just the man we needed to make sure each and every chile was sprayed with cooking spray so the chiles would not stick to the grill or the cookie sheets. Between Erin, Chris and myself we would man the oven while chiles were roasting on cookie sheets. And before you knew it, all of the chiles were done. Afteward, Erin made some yummy quesadillas with the delicious chiles.

Now the weros are pros at roasting chiles. :-)
Here's the before...,................................and....................the after shots!