Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hatch Chile - straight from Hatch NM

Mis amigos los gringos have company this weekend. Wero loco's parents The Klugs came to visit from Nuevo (Las Cruces, NM). I'll have to explain the "Nuevo" some other day. Anyhow, before their trip to Arizona, they went to the Chile Festival in Hatch, NM and bought a huge burlap bag with about 20 lbs of green chiles to bring to los weros here in Phoenix. We thought we could go to one of the local grocery stores selling roasted chiles and have them roast the chiles for us, but unfortunately were turned down. Therefore, we were left with no other option but to roast the chiles ourselves, and with so many helping hands around we knew it'd be a piece of cake. :0) The Klugs were in charge of roasting on the grill outside, Mr Haney (Erin's Dad) was just the man we needed to make sure each and every chile was sprayed with cooking spray so the chiles would not stick to the grill or the cookie sheets. Between Erin, Chris and myself we would man the oven while chiles were roasting on cookie sheets. And before you knew it, all of the chiles were done. Afteward, Erin made some yummy quesadillas with the delicious chiles.

Now the weros are pros at roasting chiles. :-)
Here's the before...,................................and....................the after shots!

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Lylah said...

this is making me hungry! hungry for mexican!!!! love u woman..